Custom Marble Design LLC
Specialzing in Natural Stone, Glass and Ceramic Tile Installation
Over 20 years of Experience here in Hawaii 

Installation Services
Floors, Showers & Bathtubs, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Pools, Pool Decks & Lanai's, Handmade Custom Mosaic's and anywhere else you want Stone or Tile.
Special Services
Old School Mud Set Floors:
By using this technique I can set perfectly flat & level Floors no matter how bad your exisiting sub-floor is 
Custom Stone Fabrication:
Allows us to create custom profile edges , custom shelves, shower niches, shower bench seats, pool couping, bullnose floor base and much more.
Other Services
Material Delivery, Demo of Existing Floors & Walls, Durarock/Hardyboard Installation, Waterproofing, Soundproofing Installation, Concrete Slab Reinforcement & Crack Suppression, Sub-floor prep, Wall & Floor Grinding and Floating, Cleaning & Re-Sealing Stone & Tile and Tile Repair & Consulting.
The Design Process 
Whether you are looking for functional , Modern or Elegant Design with Modern decor and appeal. I will work with you to find the right type of Stone ,Glass or Ceramic Tile with the right colors , finishes and setting patterns. What you envision, we Design it and I will build it.
What Makes us Different
Custom Marble Design is all about Quality! The only way I can guarantee this type of Quality is by installing at least 80% of every job myself. The hands on work is where my passion is, not sitting in a office telling you how my guys are doing there best to give you the Quality of work you expect & pay for. All the Pictures you will see on this web site are done by my own blood, sweat and tears. There is nothing to me that is more rewarding than seeing the look on my customers face when there project turns out even more Beautiful than they hope for.
If you have a big Project with a tight time line don't count us out just yet. I work with a few other Tile Contractors here in Oahu & Maui that believe in doing Quality work. We can meet almost any time line and still guarantee our Quality of work. Custom Marble Design is a small company and will remain small so I can continue to make Quality a #1 Priority for my Customers.
Maholo Nick Nye